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Session report: The Cleansing of Cameth Brin (4)

December 19, 2016


Cautiously the party negotiates the narrow staircase, which makes a bewildering multiplicity of twists and turns as it descends for over three hundred feet into the heart of the hill. Eventually the party emerges into a chamber soundly constructed of granite blocks with a level floor. The ranger Yreorraent recognises the handiwork of his Dúnedain forefathers. To one side, a ten-foot-wide corridor disappears into darkness. The party proceeds with Chuffles and Cormac leading the way, Yreorraent and Calum in the second rank, and Finglas and Donald bringing up the rear. Weirdly, the darkness fails to recede before their torchlight, and after thirty feet or so they find themselves faced with a wall of utter blackness. Experimentation proves that they can enter and leave the lightless space. They can even thrust the burning torch within, but beyond the black veil its light is extinguished. Yreorraent remembers that among his possessions is a scroll bearing two spells, one of which might prove useful now. He readies a spare torch and intones the charm. A magical luminescence springs forth from the torch, seems almost to hesitate when it encounters the uncanny darkness, then rallies and expands, shedding a wan light into the chamber beyond.

Even though they can’t see farther than thirty feet, the party can tell from the echoes of their hushed voices and cautious footsteps that the room is very large and high-ceilinged. Consulting the floorplans of the fortress that they found in Tir-barad Tereg, they decide they have entered an area marked Fuintir – “Darkwatch”. They hug the left-hand wall and advance slowly, the darkness pressing against their little bubble of light. After about thirty feet, they reach a corner and continue along the wall in the new direction (north, if they are correct about the map). A few steps farther and they become aware of a looming stone shape to their right: seemingly a huge hexagonal column, about twenty feet across, ten feet from the wall they are following. They move over to investigate, whereupon a many-legged shape drops suddenly from the darkness and lunges at Chuffles, huge fangs adrip with venom.

Chuffles gasps, hurls himself backwards and evades the beast’s slavering maw. Two more spiders pounce into the circle of light and attack the party.



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