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Jorune dice

June 22, 2014

I’ve been busy in real life so I’m falling behind schedule with these “June is for Jorune” posts; at this rate, July will be for Jorune too. Anyway, I’m preparing to run my very first game of X-plorers this evening so there’s no time to waste today. Here’s a quick, lazy, insubstantial post about my Jorune dice.

There were no dice included in the boxed Skyrealms of Jorune second edition. I had plenty of polyhedrals by 1987 but I decided to treat myself to a new set. Anyone who knows anything about Jorune will be aware that important aspects of the setting (including the titular skyrealms) are predicated on the planet’s weird geology, and in particular the properties of various kinds of colour-coded crystal. Hence, I decided to get some “crystal” dice. I bought them at Edinburgh’s long-gone and fondly remembered (at least by me) Games Gallery.


Yes, Skyrealms of Jorune uses only d6, d20 and percentile dice. As you can see, I have two each of amber (Du), yellow (Ebba) and green (Launtra) crystals, and one blue (Shal). No white (Tra), brown (Gobey) or red (Desti). I don’t know if anyone makes brown crystal dice. If they do, frankly they can keep them.

These dice only come out for Jorune, which (given how infrequently I have run the game in the last two decades and more) makes them absolutely my least-used set of dice. I have dice that are 25 years younger showing more wear and tear.

Fetishistic beliefs and rituals regarding dice seem to be fairly common among gamers. I wonder, does anyone else have specific sets that they use for specific games?


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