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The Great Blog Roll Call 2014

June 14, 2014

We interrupt this series of “June is for Jorune” posts to bring you an important community announcement.

The indefatigable Charles Akins has updated The Great Blog Roll Call over at his blog Dyvers. It’s an alphabetical list of over 350 OSR and related blogs with short descriptions and notes on frequency of posting. You’ll see all the usual (and unusual) suspects, but you’ll also encounter some new blogging blood and – most likely – rediscover some old favourites you’d half-forgotten. I know I did.

Also, there are as yet no entries for the letter X, so if you’ve always wanted to write a blog called Xvart’s Revenge or, I dunno, Xenomorphic Animatrocities, now would be a good time to start.

Anyway, it’s a tremendous resource. Hats off to Mr Akins for all his efforts!

“June is for Jorune” will resume shortly. Meanwhile, here is a photograph of a corastin:

Sculpture by Miles Teves

Sculpture by Miles Teves

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