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Tauroman (new monster)

April 24, 2014


Hit Dice: 5+2
Armour Class: 6 [13]
Attacks: 2 hooves (1d6) and 1 weapon (by weapon)
Saving Throw: 12
Special: None
Move: 15
Alignment: Chaotic
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

Think of a centaur built from a bull instead of a horse and you have a good idea what a tauroman looks like. (Alternatively, take a look at the picture below.) They make their slave-built fortresses in deep caverns. Brutish and cruel, they enjoy blood sports: hunting victims through the tunnels of the underdark or watching gladiatorial combat in the arena. They relish the spectacle they call andromache in which a captured human warrior (usually naked and wielding a short sword or dirk) is ritually slaughtered in the ring by a tauroman – called a fonias – bedecked with a short cape and armed with a long spear.

It is likely that tauromen have demonic ancestry. No tauro-women have ever been seen.

Minotaur from Dante's Inferno, Canto XII, by William Blake

Minotaur from Dante’s Inferno, Canto XII – Watercolour by William Blake

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