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Your own personal Ragnarök: Grim Aegir for Supplement IV

February 23, 2014

Are your players getting too big for their boots? Need a worthy adversary to strike the fear of god(s) into them? Here’s one.

Grim Aegir is a villain in the medieval Icelandic romance Göngu-Hrolfs saga. At the start of the saga, he is introduced thusly (trans. Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards):

No one knew Grim’s background or his family, for he’d been found on the beach at Laeso Island by the sorceress Groa. She […] reared Grim as her foster-son. She taught him so much about witchcraft that no one in Scandinavia could rival him, and his nature was utterly different from any other man’s. Some people think that Grim’s mother must have been a sea ogress, for he could travel at will in both sea and fresh water; that’s why he was called Grim Aegir. He used to eat raw meat and drink the blood of men and beasts. He would often change himself into the forms of various creatures and could do it so quickly that the eye hardly saw it. His breath was so hot that even men in armour could feel it burning them. He could spew venom and fire at people, killing both them and their horses, and they were helpless against him.

Ah, they knew how to make memorable NPCs in the 14th century! I’ve statted him out in the style of Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes.

Grim Aegir

Armour Class: 3
Move: 12″
Hit Points: 48
Alignment: Chaos
Magic Ability: 16th level
Fighter Ability: 8th level

Grim Aegir is immune to damage from non-magical weapons. In melee he goes berserk, gaining +2 to hit due to his inhuman ferocity. He uses polymorph self to assume the forms of monstrous beasts – dragon, serpent, boar, bull, etc. He can pass through the elements of earth and water, at his normal movement rate, as if they were air.

Grim has two breath weapons, each of which he can use up to three times per day. He can spew a stream of venom at a single target within 30 feet (save or die) or breathe a cone of flame (30 feet long and 10 feet wide at the base) that inflicts damage equal to his remaining hit points (save for half damage).

If any of his limbs are cut off, they turn into poisonous snakes with 2 hit dice apiece. If he is killed, his face contorts into an expression of such stark hatred and malice that anyone who sees it must save vs. death ray or die on the spot. Even after death, he lashes out violently with his fists until reduced to -10 hit points, after which he stops moving and his body crumbles to dust.


“Viking Warrior” by vempirick on deviantART

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  1. Narmer permalink
    April 6, 2019 7:55 am

    Yikes! He’s frightening.

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