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Hill giants of Inanna

February 10, 2014

I’ve been reading the early Judge Dredd stories for the umpteenth time, and halfway through “The Day the Law Died” an idea struck me and I started grinning from ear to ear. Meet the re-skinned hill giants of my Alien Orifice campaign.



The “Hordes of Klegg” are brutal mercenaries who prefer their payment in meat. Green-skinned reptilian humanoids standing 10-12 feet tall (though their posture is somewhat hunched), kleggs revel in violence and butchery. They also enjoy a rattling good sing-song before battle.

A typical klegg carries a huge plasma projector (range 50 ft, damage 2d8, 6 shots per magazine) for ranged combat, but in melee prefers to use its fearsome natural weaponry to maul opponents.

HD 8; AC 4 [15]; AT 1 maul (2d8) or by weapon; MV 12; AL N.

Klegg-DanceThe kleggs were created by John Wagner (who wrote the touching verse) and Brian Bolland (who drew the pretty pictures). Hats off.

The plasma projector comes from Stars Without Number. Kleggs would work well in that game too.

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