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The world’s largest known cave

January 15, 2014

I know Telecanter and ze bulette (and most likely others too) talked about it back when it was actually news, but I was reminded of Son Doong cave by this article in The Guardian a day or two ago and I decided it never hurts to have more pictures of mythic underworlds to inspire awe and wonder.


I’m in two minds about the “tourism” angle of the article. Never mind wealthy Western backpackers; I’m much more comfortable picturing a raggle-taggle band of fighters, magic-users and thieves skulking among the stalactites and rafting down the subterranean river to explore the unknown depths.


If I were the DM in charge of stocking Son Doong, I think I’d be dropping in cavemen, troglodytes or serpent people, maybe a tribe of Voormis and a couple of Gugs guarding an entrance to the Dreamlands, along with giant frogs (blindheims, anyone?) and about a million giant cave centipedes. Oh, and dinosaurs. Obviously there must be dinosaurs.


The official site of Son Doong cave is here.

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  1. Jayson permalink
    January 16, 2014 3:25 pm

    Explicitly dinosaurs that look like giant iguanas with rubber fins glued to their backs.

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