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Bugbears (three different ones)

December 5, 2013

I really like D&D bugbears. These guys (by Dave Trampier) are all kinds of awesome:


And so are these bad boys (by Erol Otus, obviously taking his cue from Tramp):


Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

But Gygaxian “hairy giant goblins” isn’t where I’m at today. I’m still slowly making levels (or rather nodes) for Alien Orifice. One node is called “The Fungal Labyrinth”. (You must have a forest of mushrooms in a megadungeon. It’s the law.) Obviously, there are loads of dangerous fungi. There are some NPCs and intelligent monsters living in the maze of caves. I also wanted some unintelligent vermin, but not the usual rats and spiders. This is an alien planet after all. So, taking on board Jeff’s excellent advice – “don’t hesitate to just flat out steal stat blocks” – here’s a monster that lives and hunts among the giant fungi:

Bugbear (for Alien Orifice)

Man-sized beetle-like creatures, bugbears have a tough leathery carapace covered with bristling golden hair-like cilia. These cilia convey information about the bugbear’s environment to its brain; living in the lightless depths of the underworld, the creature lacks eyes. Their all-round “vision” makes bugbears difficult to surprise (1 in 6); the creatures themselves move very quietly despite their bulk, surprising opponents on a roll of 1-3. Always hungry, they attack their prey with powerful serrated mandibles.

HD 3+1; AC 5 [14]; AT 1 bite (2d4); MV 9; AL N. Special: Surprise opponents on 1-3.

satansbugbearsFinally, remember Satan’s bugbears? (Come on, keep up! One day there will be a test, and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t pay attention.) Twenty-odd months later, here’s the write-up. These are for the other campaign I’m in the long and piecemeal process of making, Ruins of Ebidoria.

Bugbear (for Ruins of Ebidoria)

Creeping with soft steps out of the darkness come 7-foot-tall creatures with skin like melting wax, runny-looking eyes that glow like candles, and incongruous teddy bear ears. Lacking any other facial features, their expressions are inscrutable. Their tails are long and sinuous, like whips. Tales of bugbears are told by beleaguered parents to frighten their unruly offspring, but the creatures are no mere myth. They serve at the courts of demon princes and dukes of Hell, and sometimes work for powerful human wizards. Their limbs are too soft to wield weapons so, in combat, they lash out with their tails.

HD 3+1; AC 5 [14]; AT 1 (2d4); MV 9; AL C. Special: Surprise opponents on 1-3.

This post again, reduced to its (bug)bare essentials: Some people probably like making up stats for new monsters. Me, I can’t be arsed.

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