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Lost in Time: Year One

December 31, 2012

Did the world need another gaming blog? No, of course not. However, in the year and a day since Lost in Time began, we’ve had some fun. Since illness has curtailed whatever plans I might have had for Hogmanay, and if you’ll forgive some self-indulgence, I’m going to take a last look back at what went down on this blog in 2012. I’ll keep it short, because I’m a merciful man. Here are half a dozen personal highlights from Lost in Time’s first fumbling year.

1. Lost in Time got 300+ hits in one day because I mentioned Carcosa. Since then, it’s been lucky to get 30 hits per day. Maybe I should mention Carcosa more often.

2. I wrote a mini-sandbox adventure in 17 hours, re-wrote one encounter as a one-page dungeon, submitted it to a contest, and won a fun prize!

3. I poked the slumbering Faerie Wood with a stick – Dave Macauley helped – and it stirred and spoke in its sleep.

4. I wrote a sarcastic review of a highly anticipated science fiction film that turned out (not entirely unexpectedly) to be a load of old cobblers. For no adequately explained reason, the review was presented in one-page dungeon format, and did not mention the name of the film even once.

5. A cheap joke about a book cover got a Palin-style “thumbs up” from three readers. This pleased me immensely.

6. Did I mention Carcosa?

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by, and especially all those who have commented and encouraged me in my folly. You know who you are. Happy New Year!

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