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D100 Jorune: Response

November 25, 2012

In response to 1d30’s comment on my post about the Interaction skill, here are draft Response Roll tables for sapient and non-sapient creatures. (As a rule of thumb, in the context of D100 Jorune, sapient creatures are those that have CHA and EDU characteristics.)

All three editions of Skyrealms of Jorune contain response tables to aid the Sholari (GM) when an encounter occurs. They are perfectly serviceable, and I follow them fairly closely here. In 2e and 3e, the response table for sapient species uses D100, while the one for non-sapient species uses 2D6. I don’t see anything to be gained from the greater granularity of D100, so I’m using 2D6 for both. I’ve made a few other tweaks for the sake of clarity and simplicity.


Roll Response
2 Attacks
3-4 Hostile
5-9 Cautious
10-11 Positive
12 Friendly

I would apply modifiers to the roll based on the composition and motives of the encountered group. Thivin traders might merit a bonus of +3, a crugar patrol would get -2, while a band of cleash and scarmis surprised while on a secret mission would get -4 or worse.

Once the initial response is known, player characters can try to modify it by speech or action. If they are able to communicate, Interaction rolls may be used to shift the response of the encountered creature(s) up or down the table – by bargaining, berating, bamboozling, etc. The player of the interacting character must describe what he or she is saying. Hey, this is that roleplaying malarkey! If the Sholari calls for an Interaction roll, then a fumble will usually shift the response in the opposite direction to that desired by the player. As always, the Sholari is the final arbiter of what NPCs do. The table is an aid, not a straightjacket.


Non-sapient species are divided into four categories of increasing viciousness:

Apathetic (mainly herbivores and domesticable animals like horses, thombos and talmaron)
Obnoxious (stubborn creatures like bochigon and pests like tarro)
Dangerous (predators like cougar and wolves, and wild creatures like dichandra and scrade)
Manic (man-eating monsters big and small, like the corondon and the scragger)

Response Roll
Apathetic Obnoxious Dangerous Manic
Attacks 2-3 2-5 2-7
Hostile 4-6 6-9 8-10
Ignores 2-6 7-9
Cautious 7-8 10 10-11 11
Retreats 9-12 11-12 12 12

The Sholari is free to interpret the result in whatever way seems appropriate given the nature of the encounter. A “hostile” tarro might screech at intruders and hurl fruit or excrement, whereas a “hostile” dhar corondon would most likely advance with murderous intent.

Note that obnoxious and dangerous creatures will think twice about immediately attacking opponents who clearly outnumber them, though they may follow and attempt to mount a surprise attack later. Manic creatures will attack anything.

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