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Scrolls of the Elder Days

November 24, 2012

It’s a bright cold morning and I was just pottering around in my flat, vaguely tidying and sorting stuff out, when I came across these relics of a bygone age.

These date from around 1996, when I wasn’t doing much gaming but I was still beavering away writing campaign material for my favourite RPGs. In those days I wrote with a Canon StarWriter 300, a chunky but rather nifty word-processing machine that let the user save text files on floppy disks.

And this is from the days when I was writing Jorune material using the published rules, long before I embarked upon a time-consuming conversion to BRP. We like to claim the OSR isn’t about nostalgia, and I know 1996 is hardly Playing at the World-level archaic, but finding these now-quaint, brightly coloured plasticky things gave me a wee moment.

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