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Now that’s more like it, by Grud!

November 12, 2012

McMahonesque “pepper-pot” city-blocks: check.

Aerial meg-ways churning with traffic: check.

Rowdy Yates Undersked (As in “I’m with Rowdy Yates block! Who you fighting with?”): check.

Lawmaster bike … with Cyclops laser … and big old bulletproof Firerock tyres: check, check, and check.

With a plot based on an actual 2000AD strip from back in the day*, in which the visionary Dredd duo of writer John Wagner and artist Mick (then Mike) McMahon gave us the story of Judge Minty, who ends up taking the “Long Walk” into the Cursed Earth, this is a fan-made, not-for-profit film that – to my eyes, at least – hews closer to the spirit of Mega-City One than either the much-derided Stallone vehicle or the recent Dredd filmJudge Minty is getting a screening this very night at the Leeds Film Festival, and is (hopefully) coming to an internet near you soon. I for one am looking forward to seeing it.

Thanks to Tim at HeroPress for alerting me to this. More info here.

*Prog 147 from January 1980, to be precise.

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