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Unboxing Rappan Athuk

October 26, 2012


If you’re a backer and you haven’t received your Rappan Athuk parcel yet, then (a) where do you live that’s farther from Washington State than I am? and (b) don’t look at this post if you don’t want to spoil your fun.

Alright, then. My parcel from Frog God Games arrived yesterday.

Box slightly dented. Mug of tea for scale.

The packing is reasonably good.

Sadly, not quite good enough to prevent slight creasing to the corners of the books where some clod has dropped them. Not too bad though, considering they’ve spent ten days travelling across a continent and an ocean. (A bit more bubble wrap next time, please!) Here’s Rappan Athuk itself, the custom dice, three softcover supplements (Player’s Guide, Pregenerated Characters, Battle Maps), and The Black Monastery, which I ordered as an add-on item, somewhat on a whim.

Black leather-effect cover. Not quite Carcosa-level classy, but close.

Rappan Athuk has almost 500 pages. Here it is alongside a well-known 240-page book, for scale again.

Interior views. Nice clean layout. Clear, unpretentious maps.

Wait! There’s something else in the box…

What the – ?

It appears to be a little ambassador from the Frog God. Welcome to Scotland, little ambassador.

The whole shebang (at least at my pledge level), including dice, decal, badge, and poster-sized schematic map of the dungeon’s multifarious levels.

This is the first time I’ve received actual, physical, real stuff from a Kickstarter project I’ve backed and, minor damage aside, I’m very pleased. God knows when I’ll get a chance to read it all, let alone run the bloody thing, but still – I’m glad I backed this one.

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