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D100 Jorune: Isho (4) – A grab-bag of basic dyshas

October 5, 2012

Continued from here.

Here are some dyshas of easy and average difficulty, from the colour groups Ebba, Gobey and Launtra.


The yellow orbs of Ebba exert force, pushing or holding their targets.

Difficulty: Easy    IP: 5    Range: 40 metres    Duration: Instantaneous
Description: This unsubtle orb is the isho equivalent of throwing a rock. It does 1D4 HP damage to whatever it hits, and may cause knockback. (Knockback rules are found on page 197 of the BRP “Big Gold Book”.) Power Orb may be bundled for range or effect.

Difficulty: Average    IP: 10    Range: 0    Duration: 1 round
Description: This orb lifts the caji straight up at 3m per round. A small amount of lateral motion is possible (an arm’s length) and the caji can use an object such as a pole in his or her free hand for leverage and control. When the orb expires, the caji must have somewhere to stand or something to hold onto to prevent falling. Levitation may be bundled to extend its duration.

Difficulty: Average    IP: 10    Range: 30    Duration: Instantaneous
Description: A larger, slower form of Power Orb, this dysha pushes things away from the caster. A targeted creature may try to resist by holding onto something immobile and making an Effort roll. If this fails, or is not feasible, the target’s SIZ is pitted against the IP in the dysha on the resistance table. If unsuccessful, the target is pushed back 1 metre for every 5 IP in the orb.

EXAMPLE: Attacked by a frenzied chiveer ramian, Hars Cretha casts Orb of Force. He uses 20 IP, adding an extra bundle to double the dysha’s strength against this large and frightening foe. There is nothing for the ramian to hold onto, so his STR of 21 is pitted against the 20 IP in the orb, giving him a 55% chance of resisting the force. The ramian rolls 86 – a failure – and is pushed back 4 metres. As it happens, the lip of a muddy embankment is right there, and the ramian must make an Agility roll to remain upright. Again he fails his percentile roll, and howling with rage he slips out of sight down the embankment while Hars Cretha makes his escape.

Difficulty: Average    IP: 10    Range: 0    Duration: Special
Description: This orb prevents deadly falls. The caster holds onto the orb, which exerts a frictional force against the ambient isho, slowing the caster’s descent. Subtract 50m from the distance fallen to determine damage. You can’t bundle Tumble.


The brown dyshas of Gobey create and destroy shields of force.

Difficulty: Easy    IP: 5    Range: 0    Duration: 1 round
Description: An orb is created in the palm of the hand, from which emanates a temporary shield of force with 8 armour points/hit points. The caji may use the shield to parry physical attacks (using the Shield skill) but may not attack with it. Dyshas and energy weapon attacks cannot be parried. This dysha may not be bundled; used ot not, the shield vanishes at the end of the round.

Difficulty: Average    IP: 30    Range: 0    Duration: 10 minutes
Description: This orb expands to surround the caji, providing an all-over protective shield. The caji can move freely, and Body Shield moves with him or her. Dyshas and energy weapon fire pass through it normally, in both directions. Blows from physical wepons (both melee and missile) are stopped by the shield, although the shield itself takes normal rolled damage from such hits. It is not considered armour. Body Shield has 100 HP and loses 2 HP each round (10 points per minute) in addition to any damage sustained, falling completely after ten minutes have elapsed. This dysha cannot be bundled.

EXAMPLE: On the Temauntro border, Sune Latay is ambushed by five crugar armed with light crossbows. In the nick of time, she expends 30 IP to weave Body Shield. One of the crugar bolts misses its mark but four are on target, inflicting 7, 6, 6 and 6 HP of damage respectively. At the end of the round, the shield has taken 25 HP of damage and loses 2 further HP as described above. It has 73 HP remaining. Sune begins to weave Crater…

Difficulty: Average    IP: 20    Range: 30    Duration: Special
Description: This dysha is an orb that travels to its target and expands to create a dome-shaped field of force, imprisoning one or more creatures within. The bubble is approximately 3m across and 3m tall. It has 100 HP and remains until destroyed by physical assault from inside or out. Like Body Shield (see above), it does not affect the passage of dyshas or energy weapon fire. It cannot be bundled.


The soft green isho of Launtra flows over the surface of the body.

Difficulty: Easy    IP: 5    Range: 0    Duration: 1 round
Description: The caster trickles isho over the palms of his or her hands, which flicker greenly and become as hot as branding irons. The caster is protected from the heat, but if he or she touches an opponent (use the Brawl skill to determine if the blow connects) the victim sustains 2D4 HP of heat damage. This dysha may also, of course, be used to kindle fires.

Difficulty: Easy    IP: 15    Range: 0    Duration: 1 minute
Description: The caster can speed the natural healing process by trickling isho over his or her palms and applying the energy to the recipient’s injuries. The wounded character regains 1D4 lost HP.
Note: Healer may be bundled to extend its duration, but not its effect. The dysha restores 1D4 HP per minute of application.

Difficulty: Average    IP: 1+    Range: 0    Duration: 1 round
Description: Using this dysha, the caster can flip an opponent’s isho around, causing unconsciousness. The more isho the target has, the more energy the caster must use, but the greater the chance of success. The caster must expend 1 IP for every 3 IP (or fraction thereof) the target has. (Use Tra-sense to determine, or guess!) If insufficient IP are expended, the dysha fails. If enough IP are expended, and the caster succeeds in touching the target (use the Brawl skill), multiply the target’s current IP by 5 to determine the percentage chance of fainting.

EXAMPLE: Deena Hoglorf the boccord adventurer has 5 IP. She intimidates a caji, who gets upset and uses Faint Touch on her. The caji need only expend 2 IP (5/3 = 1.67, rounded up to 2), but Deena’s low isho reserves are a boon to her in this case, since there is only a 25% chance of her falling unconscious. She rolls 66 and feels only momentary dizziness before raising her fist to retaliate.

A character who succumbs to Faint Touch will remain unconscious for 2D6 minutes. Note: The effect of this dysha is not pleasant. The victim does not swoon softly into sweet oblivion. It is more like being swung violently around while very drunk. Soiling of one sort or another is a common consequence.

Difficulty: Average IP: 1    Range: 0    Duration: 1 round
Description: By trickling a small amount of isho over his or her eyes, which glow softly green for the duration, the caster amplifies available light, enabling him or her to see normally in almost total darkness.

Difficulty: Average    IP: 10    Range: 0    Duration: 1 minute
Description: By trickling isho over his or her body, the caster muffles all sounds he or she makes. Normal, relatively quiet sounds (breathing, footsteps, and the like) are completely silenced. Stealth becomes an automatic action (see page 175 of the “Big Gold Book”). Loud noises (shouting, sword-fighting, etc.) are still audible, though significantly reduced in volume. Bundling may be used to extend the dysha’s duration, but will not provide further noise reduction.

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  1. Karl Steward permalink
    November 25, 2012 12:40 am

    I’ve just discovered your ‘D100 Jorune’ write-ups. Fabulous stuff, and very helpful.

    Question: ‘Tumble’ works off friction with surrounding Isho. Could its orb be placed like a heavy weight to hold a door shut for a moment? Or does it require the weaver to maintain contact with the orb? Is its effect lessened depending on the siz of the user (such as an additional person holding on to the dysha weaver?

    • November 25, 2012 1:11 am

      Thanks for your kind words. As for Tumble, your questions are good ones, and I don’t know the answers. Exactly what dyshas are and how they work is one of Jorune’s mysteries, ripe for house ruling by GMs. If it were me, I’d probably say “no” to the heavy weight (I think the orb disintegrates as soon as the caji releases it) but, regarding effect, I might allow bundling after all and say that each bundle of 10 IP is good for up to 10 points of SIZ (remembering that the average muadra has a SIZ of 9). Or you could make a roll of IP expended versus SIZ on the resistance table, which would add some uncertainty, for good or ill.

      Feedback like this is very helpful. Thanks again.


  1. Two Great Tastes… Wait, Three Great… Er, Four?

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