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Theme tune for Alien Orifice

August 3, 2012

My science fantasy campaign Alien Orifice, currently under construction, is set on (and in) a desolate planet in the Fringe Worlds.

While working on the monsters and encounter tables, I’ve been evoking the right atmosphere by playing the classic Hawkwind albums Doremi Fasol Latido and Hall of the Mountain Grill, and a compilation of early EPs by this blog’s “0fficial” soundtrack artists, Eat Static. You probably couldn’t care less what music I’m listening to. There’s no reason why you should. But the upshot is that the planet now has a name. One that works for me on several levels. The planet is called Inanna.

(This track, by the way, is 21 years old. Who knows where the time goes, eh?)

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