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Traveller 5 and Rappan Athuk Kickstarters race to the finishing post

June 30, 2012

I sort of have a horse in this race. I’m backing the Frog God Games Rappan Athuk project because, even though I don’t need another one, for some reason I just can’t get enough megadungeons – and this one is legendary. Furthermore, I’m happy to contribute towards raising the profile of Swords & Wizardry. One of my players, though, is backing Marc Miller’s fifth edition of Traveller, so as a group we’re neutral – and we’ll have two very large books (and some nifty bonus bits and pieces) winging their transatlantic way to us later this year.

In case anyone doesn’t know, both of these projects achieved their (very modest, in retrospect) funding goals some time ago. Now the race is on to become the highest funded RPG project on Kickstarter. Rappan Athuk held that record for a while, but now Traveller has taken the lead. As I write this, the Traveller Kickstarter stands at $252,073. That’s a whopping 1050% of the $24,000 that was originally sought. Rappan Athuk is at $223,698, which is 894% of its original $25,000 goal. Traveller is clearly in front. However, its funding period ends 24 hours from now, at 1:01pm (EDT) tomorrow, while Rappan Athuk still has over two days to run – it finishes in 52 hours’ time, at 4:59pm (EDT) on Monday. Can they overtake Traveller? I’m not sure, but Frog God Games are pulling out all the stops and flinging in all sorts of extra perks and tie-in deals.

I’ve been impressed by the good-natured and respectful (if nevertheless fierce) rivalry displayed by the participants, both creators and backers. Obviously it’s not really a competition. Both projects have been outstandingly successful already, and hats off to them. It also warms the cold cockles of my curmudgeonly heart to see two RPG projects with their roots sunk deep in the history of the hobby gaining such enthusiastic support.

Anyway, if you’re interested in either or both of these impressive beasts, they’re heading into the home straight. Now would be a good time to lay some money down, or at least start cheering.

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