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The X factor

June 25, 2012

Stonehell on the Borderlands passed a major milestone this evening. After a tense fight with some shadows (the party is in possession of precisely one magic weapon), the PCs discovered a large hoard of coinage and jewels and conveyed it (or as much of it as they could carry) to the Keep. The resulting XP was enough to raise Frack the thief to 4th level. Technically, then, the campaign so far has been D&D Basic, but we are now officially playing B/X.

Andy Barge the cleric got grey ooze on his armour so he had to remove his outer garb in something of a hurry. He left the dungeon in his undergarments, with his backside hanging out after a “lucky” escape from a blade trap. Despite these indignities, he reached 2nd level and can now cast spells. This too is a milestone: Andy’s player has a list of dead 1st-level PCs as long as your polearm.

Only Kwilg the elf failed to level up. That’s elves for you. Nevertheless, he and the others are now quite wealthy, and in possession of some scrolls and magic potions too, so they are all understandably pleased with their success. Celebratory drinks all round at the Cup & Cudgel…

Meanwhile, Stonehell waits patiently. They’ll come back. They always come back.

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