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Scatology and genesis*

June 20, 2012

It is possible that I already had some presentiment of my future. Having recently purchased the hardback edition of Stars Without Number and written a sarky little dungeon called “The Back Side of Uranus”, it was inevitable that I would go on to ponder the possibility of doing a SWN megadungeon. Now I know full well that SWN isn’t really designed for dungeoneering; it’s about sandbox spacecrawling in Traveller mode. But, contrarian that I am, I’m intrigued by the possibilities of a space operatic megadungeon complete with homicidal xenomorphs, mad robots, alien artefacts, sexy tech (eyes right), etc. SWN, with its feet firmly planted in old-school D&D (even while it reaches for the farthest stars), seems a good fit.

So, another project is born. The list never gets any shorter.

Now. A name. I can’t make any headway without one, even if it’s not the one that eventually sticks. Before I settled on “The Back Side of Uranus” I toyed with “The Brown Hole” (as it were). But that doesn’t seem grand enough for a megadungeon. So, inspired by a famous cave in Derbyshire called the Devil’s Arse, I’ve decided to call this thing … Satan’s Shitter.

I wonder how that would fare on Kickstarter.

*With apologies to Gene Wolfe

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