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Red Fang, and Joesky does Carcosa

February 18, 2012

So-called real life has been very demanding lately, so this place has gone rather quiet. I hope to post more stuff soon. Meanwhile, a couple of quick things.

1. Red Fang

These gentlemen were supporting Mastodon when I saw them in Glasgow recently. I didn’t know much about them beforehand, and we were in the bar getting the drinks in while they were playing so I missed most of their set. But the little I saw (and heard) was good enough for me to conduct further investigations online after the gig. Not only do they clearly know how to rock, and verily also roll, but their videos are little beer-sodden works of art. I’ll dedicate “Prehistoric Dog” to some Bath-based LARPers of my acquaintance.

2. Joesky does Carcosa

In case anyone doesn’t know, the OSR’s very own clown prince Joesky the dungeon brawler has borrowed a map from Dyson Logos and cooked up an adventure for Carcosa. It is, needless surely to say, made of awesome.

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